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Baselight is a new generation LED light tower built from the ground up with input from professionals in the rescue and rental industry. Together we cre-ated a modern light product using the latest LED technology and materials available to meet the demand for a more flexible light tower. Don't let the size fool you! Baselight is a light system capable to compete with much larger light towers and can easily outperform a 1600W halogen system but more importantly in these areas: Performance, agility and economy.


  • Deployed by a single person in 30 seconds without aid of machinery
  • Produces 65,000 lumen with 420 power consumption
  • Configured as 360 or 180 degree floodlight
  • Produces about 30% more light than a 4x400W halogen system
  • Consumes 75% less power compared to a 4x400 halogen system
  • Multiple units can fit into a normal family car
  • Requires no prior training or certification and is simple to operate
  • Multiple units can be operated from a portable generator
  • Built for easy replacement of parts with a modular design
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors (IP67) and in extreme temperatures
  • Safe to operate with colour coded guidance
  • Takes up little space when stored
  • Can be fitted with smart accessories (GPS tracking, Wi-Fi, Video Surveillance etc.)
  • 50,000 hours life span on LED, 10 years warranty on LED, 3 years on mechanical
  • 35 kg (77lb)


Wind resistance up to 20 m/s without support
Luminous flux 65,000 Lumen
Surrounding temperature -50 to + 50 degree C
Voltage 90 to 305VAC/50hz
Power connector CEE or Schuko
Colour temperature 6,000 Kelvin
Power consumption 15 to 420 Watt (Dimmable)
IP Rating 67
Weight 35 kg (77lb)
Fully extended height 4.5 Meters (15feet)
Transport dimensions 1,200mm×300mm
Warranty 10 years on LED, 3 years on mechanical
Certification CE approved


  • PVC Cover with zipper (Logos and text can be printed)
  • Wheel assembly
  • Battery pack with charger (Different models)
  • Power Inverter (12VDC to 230 VAC)
  • Solar generator with battery
  • Portable gasoline generator (Different models)
  • Soft carry case with integrated wheels (suitable for air travel)
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