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Baselight is a new generation LED light tower built from the ground up with input from professionals in the rescue and rental industry. Together Prime Design Sweden AB created a modern light product using the latest LED technology and materials available to meet the demand for a more flexible light tower.

Baselight is compact and portable, can be deployed by one person and can be used with a small generator (0.9 kVA class). It is dimmable and powerful. Its brightness is comparable to much larger light towers and can easily outperform a 1,600W halogen system. It also offers unparalleled performance in terms of both durability and cost.
Baselight can be used in a variety of situations, such as construction sites, disaster/rescue situations, night-time events, sports, and airports.

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Baselight Key Features

  • Deployed by a single person in 30 seconds without aid of machinery and tools
  • Simple structure enables easy operation and requires no prior training
  • Unparalleled brightness with instant on/off and dimming
  • Configured as 180 to 360 degrees with downward direction (320X can also be upwards)
  • Produces about 30% more light and consumes 75% less power compared to a 4x400W halogen system
  • Portable weight: 33 to 47kg at maximum
  • Takes up little space when stored
  • About 50,000 hours life span on LED


Baselight Technical Specification

320X 420X 600MX
Luminous flux
45,000 lm
65,000 lm
95,000 lm
Power consumption
15 ~ 320 W(dimmable) 15 ~ 420 W(dimmable) 15 ~ 680 W(dimmable)
Mast operation
Working temperature
-30 ~ 45℃
-30 ~ 50℃
-30 ~ 45℃
Wind resistance (without ballast)
Up to 20 m/s
Wind resistance (with ballast)
Up to 30 m/s
Light source lifetime
50,000 hours
Operating voltage, frequency
100VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Power connector
Japanese connector
Color temperature
6,000K (bright daylight)
IP Rating
IP65 (main unit)
Fully extended height
Transport dimensions
1,200mm x 320mm x 400mm
Warranty period
1 year


Ballast sheet

When setting up in strong wind or on unstable ground, use the ballast sheet provided to increase stability. Secure the spread sheet to the tripod using the bands and place a weight on the sheet to prevent it from moving.

Optional accessories

Terrain Wheels

Terrain-wheels is an addition that makes it possible to bring the system into rough terrain.
They are easy to use and require no tools to attach.


Hard case (size: 1,500 x 500 x 500mm)

Robust case for transport and storage. 

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