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Solo Rescue® / DeconWasher™ Pro S

Decon Washer developed to help firefighters fight cancer
Everything you need to clean your PPE safe and easy - all in one machine

Fires involve the combustion of numerous synthetic materials commonly found in buildings, such as plastics, foams, insulation, and furniture. These materials release toxic chemicals and carcinogens such as PAHs when burned and they can settle on their PPE like SCBA, helmet, etc. If not decontaminated properly, these contaminants remain on PPE and can be absorbed through the respiratory organs or the skin. Prolonged exposure to these substances is reported that it increases the risk of developing various types of cancer*.

To mitigate these health risks, proper decontamination procedures are crucial after firefighting operations. Solo Rescue® and DeconWasher™ Pro S throughly wash PPE and remove contaminants, leading to the reduction of the potential health hazards associated with exposure to soot and carcinogens and also to the avoidance of cross-contamination by spread of harmful particles inside fire stations and within family.

Surprisingly little-known "cancer risk for firefighters"

The cancer rate among firefighters is high*, and one of the main causes is exposure to PAHs and other carcinogens in the course of their work. Many firefighters develop cancer after retirement due to years of exposure, and there is a growing awareness in Japan of how firefighters can protect their own health and how to decontaminate their PPR.
(※)* Below Images: International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Statistical data covering the USA and Canada from 2002 to 2019


Solo Rescue®

The Solo Rescue® offers the easiest, quickest, and safest way to clean your contaminated PPE. You can choose between a short 3-minute cycle or a longer 8-minute cycle. The spacious design allows you to wash either 2 complete SCBAs, 6 stand-alone air bottles, 8 face masks, 3 helmets, 3 pairs of boots, or 8 pairs of gloves per wash cycle.
On top of that, you can wash small parts, such as regulators and pressure connectors. All of this is possible thanks to the clever design of the Solo Rescue basket system. The backbone of the system is the heavy-duty basket, which is used at all times. This basket can then be paired with several different accessories.


Optimized cleaning with a unique rotating basket

The generously-sized wash tank of the Solo Rescue is a vital part of its strength. Together with a unique rotating basket system, this provides a design that optimizes the water flow to reach even the most inaccessible parts of your equipment without compromising its function and quality. So whether you are washing SCBAs, face masks, boots, gloves, helmets, or tools, the Solo Rescue will do an excellent job reducing and extracting dangerous soot particles, chemicals, and detergent residue from your equipment.

Technical Specification
Power Supply 200 V 3-phases, 60 Hz, 40 A
Water Supply Hot or Cold, 5-40°C、3 -10°dH
External Dimension (W×D×H) Closed: 1025 x 887 x 1744 mm | Open: 1025 x 1316 x 2084 mm

DeconWasher™ Pro S


With its smaller body, single-phase power connection and an adjustable power range (16-20A), the DeconWasher™ Pro S can be installed almost anywhere. It has a modern touch screen display with an easy-to-use interface that enables you to start a wash cycle with just a single tap on the screen. The interface also makes it easy to install and customize your wash programs to fit your specific needs. It also comes with integrated dosing pumps, an energy saving ECO-mode and automatic water changes.


Efficient cleaning process in a compact size

The DeconWasher™ Pro S ensures excellent results without compromising function or quality despite its compact size. The design enables a dynamic water flow to run through the rotating wash arms. Together with the specially designed nozzles this gives a more varied washing pattern and an optimized decontamination performance with plenty of power. In addition, the generously-sized rinse system ensures efficient deduction of dangerous soot particles and residue.


Built-in intelligence with automatic water changes

For optimal cleaning and decontamination performance the water will need to be changed on a regular basis depends on how it is being used. To help you keep track of when to change the water, the DeconWasher™ Pro S keeps track of both the number of cycles and how many days has past since the latest water change was performed. There is also an option to have the machine perform automatic water changes based on number of cycles and time.


Energy-saving ECO-mode & up to 30% less detergent consumption

An optimized decontamination process often means having your decon washer turned on and ready 24/7. While in Ready mode, the ECO-mode of the DeconWasher™ Pro S will consume up to 55% less energy and still be ready for use within seconds. And depending on what your washing capacity needs are, you will be able to save up to 30% or more on detergent due to the smaller wash tank.

Technical Specification
Power Supply 200/240 V single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 16-20 A
Water Supply Cold & hot water 0.5-10°dH
External Dimension (W×D×H) Closed 680 x 790 x 1732 mm | Open 680 x 1080 x 1900 mm

DeconFilter™ Pro S


With the DeconFilter™ Pro S connected to one of our machines you will be able to filter easily and safely and reduce the amount of carcinogens in wastewater. By not discharging contaminated water as it is, the environmental impact is reduced.
The filter system was developed to work seamlessly with the Solo Rescue® and DeconWasher™ Pro S and fits perfectly on the right hand side of the machines using a special filter rack. It is also possible to mount the filter system on the wall for convenience if needed.

DeconFilter™ Pro S for Solo Rescue®

Technical Specification
Power Supply 220-240 VAC single phase 50Hz 10A (CE), 220 VAC single phase 60Hz 10A (CB)
External Dimension (W×D×H) 1800 x 300 x 750 mm

DeconFilter™ Pro S for DeconWasher™ Pro S

Technical Specification
Power Supply Electricity not necessary
External Dimension (W×D×H) 1710 x 855 x 790 mm
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