Disaster Relief Equipment

Flood Protection System "Tubewall" & "Boxwall"

The NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding flood barrier designed for use in urban environments that feature hard and even surfaces like asphalt streets and concrete floors.

RESCUE Intellitech
Solo Rescue® / DeconWasher™ Pro S

Decon Washer developed to help firefighters fight cancer Everything you need to clean your PPE safe and easy – all in one machine

Prime Design Sweden AB

Baselight is a new generation LED light tower built from the ground up with input from professionals in the rescue and rental industry.

TST Sweden AB
Body Temperature Control Vest "Cooling Vest"

Body Temperature Control Vest made using coolant PCM. Cooling boxes and electricity costs are unnecessary.

Oil Spill & Chemical Pollution Control Systems

Vikoma has been providing reliable and innovative oil recovery & environment solutions designed by an experienced in-house UK team since 1967.

Bloom Field Manufacturing Company
First Responder Jack By Hi-Lift®

The Tool Of Choice For Extrication, Heavy Rescue, Forcible Entry, RIT/RIC Procedures, Stabilization And Shoring.

bring strong, energy-autonomous luminescence to your site

Athena; a flexible, continuous luminescent cable is very bright, thin and long, and is connected to an electric module watertight up to 300 metres deep. Divers can transport it to the intervention site and unreel it on site for marking.

Fast Engineering
FASTANK®, A flexible solution to the permanent or temporary containment of liquids.

FASTANK® 1500(7.5t) / 2000(10t)  A flexible solution to the permanent or temporary containment of liquids.

Fast Engineering

FASTANK® HDS is a system for decontamination of civilian casualties after a chemical, biological, radiation incident or CBRN terrorist attack.

Fast Engineering
FASTANK Rescue Soft Stretcher

Casualty recovery - near shore locations, during flood events, mountain rescue and on water rescue.

J.T. Scurlock
Jump to Safety / Safety Air Cushion

Safety Air Cushions are equipped witha special breather system designed tosafely absorb the g-force withinhuman endurance levels, as per datapublished by U.S. Air Force on humanendurance to shock - "Manned SpaceFlight" chapter 26, para. 173, 1959.

Hansung T&I
Wide-Area Extermination Chemical Sprayer

Swift, accurate spraying of chemicals over a wide area