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Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pump and Hose Pump

Almost no pulsation and outstanding durability--a pump that revolutionizes manufacturing processes

Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pump and Hose Pump from Albin Pump AB

Albin Pump AB of Sweden, founded in 1928, provides revolutionary pumps that help to improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost. The company provides pump solutions to customers around the world. Albin pumps are used in a wide variety of industries, including the chemical, paper and pulp, paint and adhesive, waste water disposal, food product, medical product, cosmetic, cement, and mining industries. The company's products have continued to receive high praise from customers as high quality pumps that revolutionize manufacturing and other processes.

Diaphragm pumps providing fluid transfer with almost no pulsation:AD series of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

The AD series of Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps provides outstanding capabilities in the transfer of materials such as solvents, adhesives, paints, chemicals, and cosmetics.


  1. Air motor operation in a conductive body with explosion-prevention specifications.
  2. Direct transfer of fluids with almost no pulsation is realized by the use of a highly efficient air motor and new flap valve.
  3. A new air valve reduces friction to the lowest possible level and reduces the consumption of air.
  4. Success in extending the lifespan of the diaphragm.
  5. Maintenance is easily performed thanks to the small number of components.
  6. Low levels of noise

Hose pump with outstanding durability ALH Hose Pump 

The ALH hose pump is ideal for the transfer of viscous materials such as waste water, sludge, paint, cement and mortar.

  1. Realization of outstanding durability: an elastic rubber developed independently by Albin Pump AB is used in the pump hose which serves as the heart of the pump unit.
  2. Contributes to the reduction of maintenance costs, thanks to few parts which will need replacing.
  3. Easy hose replacement.
  4. A simple design without seals or valves assures that materials are transferred securely and without leakage.
  5. Continuous idle operation is possible.
  6. Suction and discharge can be reversed by changing the rotation direction.

Simple Design

The ALH hose pump is a positive displacement pump (tube pump, slurry, concrete pump, mortar pump) with a simple, intuitive design. A rotor with two "shoes" attached is installed in the housing; as the drive motor rotates the rotor, the shoes compress the hose in the direction of rotation. The transfer of fluids and filling of the hose is accomplished using the vacuum that occurs after the shoe has passed and the hose is restored to its original position. The transfer liquids are then discharged by the movement of the next shoe. Continuous fluid transfer is made as this operation continues to repeat.

Three Material Types

Three types of rubber are used in pump hoses: natural rubber, nitrile rubber and EPDM rubber. The optimal material differs depending on factors such as chemical resistance and the properties of the fluid to be transferred. Albin Pump AB makes use of its wealth of data to offer advice concerning the selection of the optimum pump material.

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