Metal Mesh Gloves for food processing factories

Prevent the risk of cuts during food and meat processing with metal mesh gloves

Since 1969, Honeywell Ltd. based in France is producing gloves and apron made of metal mesh as the leading company of personal safety equipment. Honeywell's cutting edge technology on personal safety equipment makes it possible to prevent the risk of cuts and provide the comfortable work environment by protecting hands and arms.

Metal Mesh Groves


Metal Mesh Groves short version 【190g】


Metal Mesh Groves long version 【344g】

Product details

  • Each stainless steel ring is individually welded and 4 ring joined to make a fluid sheet of mesh.
  • Gloves are 4 ring joined at the seams for full coverage with no gaps at the seams for a knife point to break through.
  • Cloth strap band fits tighter

Metal Mesh Apron


Metal Mesh Apron 【881g】


Metal Mesh Vest 【1285g】

Product Details

  • Each garment is made of a fluid fabric of individually welded rings for a comfortable fit to move as your body moves.
  • Mesh is corrosion free and easily cleaned: making them resistant to bacteria.
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