Engineering and Services

Specialists in imported machinery, with technicians bringing high technical skills and experience to the superior products provided by Gadelius

The Service & Engineering Department provides maintenance and service for the products handled by the Construction Machinery and Industrial Process Machinery business areas. Its specialists bring a high level of technical skills and experience, as well as a deep familiarity with imported equipment. They are in charge of all of the machine products provided by Gadelius: from servicing Brokk remote-controlled demolition equipment; to elevator installation and inspection; the installation of filling and packaging equipment; to the maintenance of pharmaceutical production equipment, large-scale meat processing lines and sausage production lines and much more.

For the foreign-sourced machinery we import into Japan, the staff of the Service & Engineering Department acts in harmony with the customer's specifications and way of doing business, making the final adjustments and optimization of the product before making delivery and on-the-spot inspections. For the installation of large production lines or the launching of special equipment, we often work in collaboration with engineers from the overseas manufacturer.

After delivery, we provide suggestions on periodic inspection and maintenance--maintenance that ensures that the system is always operating in the optimal condition. We also recommend upgrades and improvements for older systems, and support safe, hygienic production activities. The goal of Gadelius's Service & Engineering Department is to eliminate any worries about imported machinery by supporting the customer throughout the equipment's lifecycle.

The Service & Engineering Department has even used its knowledge of imported equipment to dispatch its specialists to assist companies using equipment other than that handled by Gadelius with troubleshooting and maintenance. We can help resolve your problem--please feel free to contact us!

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