Gap Control

Easy control of measuring gap between metal rollers, metal cylinder through digital gap measurement
PITSID GmbH Gap Control

PITSID is a German company, which develops systems for the graphic arts industry together with the Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie. The current product assortment comprises devices for measuring and testing print registration, contact pressure, traction force, packing height, gap widths, UV curing, IPA concentrations, book block strength and also printing plate positioning in plate bending devices and roller adjustments.

The Gap Control has been developed in order to precisely determine typical gaps starting at 1.8 mm between pairs of hard rollers or cylinders. At the same time, the device is able to determine the width between slots or slits in mechanical components. When the measurement sensor (measurement wedge) is inserted into a gap, the gap width can be easily read on the device display. Due to its high precision and fast measurement, the GAP CONTROL replaces the need for using feeler gauges or gauge blocks. There is simply no easier way to measure gap distances.

Technical data

Measuring range ・1.8 ... 3.0 mm ・2.8 ... 4.0 mm *Special wedge by arrangement(span app. 1mm)
Resolution 0.005 mm
Absolute measuring uncertainity ≤ ±0.02mm
Range of application at least one cylinder with a diameter ≤ 500 mm
Dimensions 210x100x40mm
Measuring wedge dimensions app.220x26x7mm
Weight 350g
Operating temperature 15 - 30℃
Battery Control Change of battery indicated on the display with "change battery"
Scope of delivery Measuring device with battery and measuring wedge, spare battery, operating manual, carrying case.
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