Hansung T&I
Wide-Area Extermination Chemical Sprayer

Swift, accurate spraying of chemicals over a wide area
Hansung T&I Wide-Area Chemical Sprayer

Hansung T&I of South Korea was established in 1981 for the manufacture and sales of agricultural equipment, particularly wide-area sprayers of liquid fertilizers and other chemicals. Last year, an outbreak of the highly pathenogenic avian influenza virus occurred in Korea; Hansung T&I's sprayer unit, which can be operated from a distance, became one of the key equipment issued by the Korean government for the effective suppression of the outbreak. The company's GKK/HSU-1000 and -2000 units were introduced for the widespread spraying of extermination chemicals around affected poultry farms, using an effective anti-virus material. Up to September, 2008, some 100 units were used in Korea. 

Main Feature: Wide-Area Extermination
Spraying width capacities of 60 and 120 meters

The GKK/HSU-1000 features a maximum spray distance of 60 meters
the GKK/HSU-2000 120 meters. The units can be set up from a distance, and the chemicals emitted as a spray. A wide area can also be covered by the spray in a short period of time.
Compact, Lightweight
The equipment weighs in at just 1.5 tons. Despite the compact design, 1,000 liters of chemical fluid can be stored in the unit's tanks, and it can be carrier on a four-ton truck. A special lifting system is also available for smooth loading of the equipment on a truck.
High Efficiency,Cost Savings
Liquid is passed through 80 nozzles to form the spray; the unit is tens to hundreds of times more effective than a human-carried sprayer unit. This means a dramatic reduction in the labor and time required, and therefore of the costs involved in spraying.
High Level of Safety
Along with being able to spray to a distance of 60 or 120 meters, a remote control system allows the operator to work in a safe location away from the unit.
Excellent Maneuverability
Spraying can be conducted when the unit is stationary, as well as when it is mounted on a moving truck. It can also easily be transported by truck to any new location.

Product specifications

specifications GKK/HSU-1000 GKK/HSU-2000
L×W×H approx. 3,570×1,510×2,140 mm approx. 5,330×1,920×2,530 mm
Weight approx. 1,500 kg approx. 3,100 kg
Chemical tank volume 1,000 liters 2,000 liters
Maximum spraying volume 117 liters/min 340 liters/min
Spraying distance Max. 60 meters Max. 120 meters
No. of extermination nozzles 88 144
Exterminator turning angles Left-right 270°
Up/down 22°
Left-right 270°
Up/down 25°
Fuel tank volume 38liters 100liters

※The figures shown above may change without notice due to upgrades or product improvement

Examples of use

  • Agriculture (cultivated fields)
  • Pastures
  • Poultry/hog farms
  • Incinerators, reclaimed land
  • Golf courses
  • Tunnel construction
  • Other applications where wide-area spraying is required
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