The number one concern for the Gadelius Group is the mental and physical health of all of our employees, and in being able to provide a comfortable working environment. In addition, we will give fair evaluations and provide solid rewards for the results of these, as our policy is to encourage the further growth of every one of our employees.

1.Top priority: concern for the physical and mental health of every employee

  • A 100-percent health checkup policy for all employees is aimed at early detection of illness.
  • Employees suffering from cancer will receive payment for their treatment from the Gadelius Cancer Foundation.
  • A system is also in place in which employees can donate their paid leave days to other employees who have been diagnosed with cancer. This allows them to continue their work, if they wish, while undergoing treatment.

2.Providing a comfortable work environment

  • The Gadelius Group works to support its employees at different stages in their lives and careers, by providing childcare, nursing care, medical treatment and rehabilitation, and so on.
  • We provide a smart flex-work system that allows employees to adjust their working hours, as well as telework and work-at-home options.
  • A short-time work system is available for employees, allowing them to take care of their children until they enter primary school.

3.Honest evaluations, and rewards for results

  • The Management by Objectives (MBO) evaluation system has been introduced, to encourage individual motivation.
  • Compensation and promotions are decided on a performance basis.

4.Promoting the future growth of each individual

  • Along with regular in-house English language, cross-cultural and financial accounting training, we also actively support participation in the external training programs that employees themselves want.
  • Next-generation management candidates can participate in management training at domestic and international business schools in strategy, organization theory and marketing, including a two-week intensive course in the US featuring one-to-one English language instruction.

One of the very most important issues for Gadelius is the training of the people who will lead the next generation. In this time of globalization and digitization, leaders are needed who can create the vision that allows for quick response to the changing conditions of these increasingly intensive times. We are looking for the people who can help us develop the human resources that can take care of the public and our employees, and which will make our customers happy.

Current job availability

New college graduates
We are not currently recruiting new college graduates
Mid-career employment
We are not currently recruiting experienced persons
We are not currently offering internships to students due to COVID-19 pandemic.


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